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Event information
Drinks Reception

Tuesday 15th March

Terrace Pavilion, Parliament

Please arrive at 6.30pm


Please bring your invitation with you to the event as these will form part of the security procedures. You may be asked to show proof of identity.  You can either show a printed version of the invitation or an electronic one from your phone.


Security procedures will be in place for all persons entering the building.  This includes an airport style search.  Further security information.

Queues at the entrance 

There may be a queue of people waiting to get in the building. Please remember that the queue may be other delegates for your event. If you have a mobility requirement or for some other reason have difficulty in standing in queues please contact us prior to attending to arrange assistance.


There are no parking facilities available.  We recommend you travel by public transport.  The nearest tube station is Westminster.

On arrival

Please arrive via the Cromwell Green entrance to Parliament. Please allow up to 30 minutes to clear security.

Access for disabled visitors

Please inform us of any arrangement which can be made to enable full access to the event. It would be extremely helpful if you do this in advance of the event to enable the necessary arrangements to be put in place. Further disabled access information.


Photographs may only be taken in Westminster Hall, St Stephen's Hall, New Palace Yard and the room where the event is being held.  Please ensure phones are switched to silent.


Smoking and e-cigarettes are not permitted.

All guests are expected to:

  • Act responsibly in a manner that is respectful to others with courtesy, dignity and positive regard to Parliament

  • Obey instructions given by Parliamentary officials

  • Not leave baggage and personal items unattended

  • Wear your visitor pass at all times and return it when you leave.

  • Conduct themselves with consideration for the safety and comfort of other guests

  • Eat, drink or smoke in designated areas only

  • Leave by the designated exit route.


If you require further information or have any problems on the day, please contact us.

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