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Fuelling collaboration

Established in 2022, APA represents a wide range of businesses and people in the alternative proteins industry. 

All share a common goal: to give consumers in the UK greater choice of alternatives to animal-based products.

We welcome the chance to discuss with the media our strategic plan, activities or anything else food-related!  Please reach out and say hi:

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What are alternative proteins?

Alternative proteins refers to ingredients that provide a genuine different choice to conventional animal proteins.  They include food made from plants, fungi and tissue culture, and aim to match the taste, appearance and texture of food made from meat, poultry, fish and shellfish.  Their nutritional value is generally equal to (and sometimes greater than) that of the related food.

Why alternative proteins?

More jobs

They're good for the economy. Developing and manufacturing alternative proteins in the UK, rather than importing them, would create around 10,000 new factory jobs and secure 6,500 jobs in farming.

Less emissions

They are good for the environment and will be a key element in the battle to keep global warming below 2°C. They also use far less land, water and emissions, and their benefits can be accessed without adding to the cost of living.

More security

They reduce the likelihood of empty shelves at the supermarket.  The impact of climate change on traditional farming poses a threat to food security.  Alternative proteins provide a means to ensure access to the day to day food we need to eat.


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Feel free to contact us any time discuss our plans, or if you want to bounce ideas off us, or are looking for something to enhance a story!

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