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Ask your MP to support us

Please ask your MP to support our campaign for Government to put all alternative proteins at the heart of the National Food Strategy, which is due in May 2022 and sets out UK's long-term approach to food.


With the right support, Great Britain can lead the world in alternative proteins.

And a thriving British alternative proteins industry will create thousands more jobs, strengthen UK food security, future-proof British farming, reduce the risk of pandemics and help the UK reach Net Zero better without adding to the cost of living.

Writing is probably the best method, as it provides a written record that can be referred to later. You can:

  • Write a letter to your MP at: House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

  • Email them using the contact details in Directory of MPs


Remember: always include your own address when you write to your MP so that they will know you live in their constituency.

Feel free to use some of the information below when composing your letter.  


Thank you for your support!


Food security and the cost of living are major concerns.

Britain’s intensive animal protein sector is perhaps surprisingly tied to Russian industry.  In rearing cattle and producing animal-based proteins like eggs and milk, British farmers currently rely on Russian and Belarussian exports for a high percentage of the fertilisers and animal feed additives, which are essential components of intensive animal agriculture.

And whilst a quarter of the food we eat comes from Europe, Europe’s reliance on Russia for energy is having knock-on effects on UK food prices. 

This further highlights the important role alternative proteins must play in the upcoming National Food Strategy, which is due in May 2022 and sets out UK's long-term approach to food.


Alternative proteins are foodstuffs made from plants, fungi or tissue culture that provide a genuine different choice to conventional intensively farmed animal proteins. They rely on what British agriculture does best: crops.

Instead of using vast amounts of land to produce food for animals, we can produce the same amount of food on 93% less land, using 95% less water and with far less Russian fertiliser - safeguarding British farming through more efficient use of arable land.  And it’s greener too: alternative proteins produce an average of 88 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than animal proteins, helping us on our way to Net Zero by 2050.  

And as well as giving us food security, this could reduce the cost of living through lower food prices and create tens of thousands of jobs.


Therefore we urge you to support the Alternative Proteins Association's call for Government to put alternative proteins at the heart of the National Food Strategy.  

Let’s support our homegrown industries, back British farmers, go green, lower food prices, get Global Britain leading this new and exciting industry, create thousands of jobs and most of all safeguard Britain’s food security.​​

Please Tweet your support with the hashtag #FutureFood and tagging @altproteinsuk.  Visit for more information.

Yours sincerely,


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