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Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file placed on your device when you visit a website. You can accept or decline cookies through your browser settings or other software, though they may affect your experience.

When you visit one of our website, we may place one or more cookies on your device. These are for purposes which include:

  1. Improving your experience of visiting the site, including providing personalised content Gathering information you have submitted via the site

  2. Processing requests for information or action that you have made through the site

  3. Processing login requests

  4. Enabling your activity in one place to be used to decide on what information, if any, to present to you in other places

  5. Gathered statistical information about the usage of the site

  6. Ensuring the smooth operation of online services

  7. Remembering whether or not you have been shown a cookie notification message on an earlier visit to the site

  8. To make sure online adverts you may receive from us are relevant to your interests.


We only require you to use purely essential functional cookies, all others are optional.

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