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Built to get things done

APA is a trade association and non-profit organisation  that exists to fuel collaboration across the value chain.


APA works to protect and enhance the reputation of the alternative proteins industry and give a voice to people across the food & agriculture industry.


We are grateful to our President, Jeremy Coller, whose vision and expertise ensures our we remain impact-driven and agile.



We strongly believe that alternative protein companies, supplies, manufacturers and distributors should work together to secure universally beneficial outcomes.


That's why we have made APA the place where companies, policymakers, researchers and thought leaders can share best practices to navigate UK regulatory processes and advocate for public policy that supports the development of the industry in the UK.  


And as a representative voice for the alternative proteins industry, APA acts to facilitate innovation, support policymakers and help the UK take advantage of this rapidly evolving industry of national importance.


Working Groups are the engine room of APA.  They are where members’ challenges are raised, issues debated, ideas conceived, solutions sought and from where action is taken.


The groups will be time-limited, given a specific task and are expected to cease to exist when that task is completed. 


They will empower members to make valuable connections, share best practices and suggest improved approaches to build and enhance their specialist areas for the benefit of the whole industry. 

Indian Dish
Vegan Sandwich


APA is supported by its founder and President, Jeremy Coller.


Oversight of the association rests with the President and Advisory Board, consisting of individuals with expertise in all parts of the alternative proteins industry.  Its budget and overarching strategy are approved by the President and Board on an annual basis and the organisation will report on its KPIs and progress annually.


There will be no formal  approval system for the wider membership on the annual strategy in order to avoid unnecessary delays when what the industry needs is an agile and impactful organisation, but the Board will survey the membership regularly on its priority issues. 

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